''[Square Enix and Hitachi Talk] about the cutting edge of blockchain business with game x NFT and Web3 x distributed ID'' hosted by EEA Japan


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On October 31, 2022, EEA Japan (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Japan) hosted "[Square Enix and Hitachi Talk] about the cutting edge of blockchain business with game xNFT and Web3x distributed ID".

Mr. Takahashi of Hitachi, Ltd. gave a video demonstration of finger vein authentication payment at a real store using PBI (Public Biometric Identification), and Mr. Hata of Square Enix presented the difficulties and innovations in commercializing NFT games, giving us a glimpse of the cutting edge in "blockchain execution". During the discussion with the facilitator, many questions were raised by the audience participants.

Speaker materials for each session are available below.

The Potential of Enterprise Blockchain

Atsushi Ishii | Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Japan Branch Representative

Digital Identity in the Web3 Era

Kenta Takahashi | Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

A Case Study of NFT Business Initiatives Told through Shisansei Millions-Arthur

Keisuke Hata | Blockchain Entertainment Division, Square Enix Co.

Through the latest use cases, it was possible to get a sense of the steady progress of enterprise use of blockchain. Mr. Takahashi also informed us that the company is looking for a PoC (Proof of Concept) partner for the NFT anti-counterfeiting technology, which the company is researching and developing, that can prove that the signature (or mint) has been made by the person in question. EEA Japan will continue to follow the latest trends and case studies of enterprise blockchain so that it can be a place for co-creation among companies across industries.